The Racking Industry

The racking solutions to your storage issues

When it comes to finding racking that fits the needs of your company or that of your clients, there are numerous options that are available that can be tailored to fit the needs of you and your business. With technology, and materials, becoming increasingly more sophisticated there really is no solution that you can’t find when it comes to the versatility of pallet racking configurations. These come in types to suit the needs of your storage solutions, many that can be engineered specifically to cope with environmental constraints such as floor space, which is more often than not the only problem that most clients will come across when it comes to the time of thinking about solutions to a storage problem.

What’s available?

an example of wide aisle pallet rackingWhilst there are many that can be covered, the main solutions available are what is typically used across the industries. These can be drive in racking facilities, which utilise the surface area of the unit in question, but more importantly the height of the unit, usually these are loaded and unloaded via a small fork lift truck. Another version of pallet racking is wide aisle racking, this is generally used for palletised loads and when space is not at a premium, but stacking the loads vertically is of a great benefit to you and your business needs.


What ever the needs are or the storage requirements, the restrictions due to the limited surface area or complications of the surrounding environment, there is always a configuration set up of racking possibilities to supply a solution to your storage issues. The increase in demand for space has increased over the past years and we are always looking for a new way to store our products in preparation of the next step of shipping them out to the next destination.